Friday, May 30, 2014



Poseidon is one of the many Greek gods and goddesses. But this god is one of the most impotent ones out of some of them. His brother is Zeus the king of all gods and the and the god of destruction and lightning. Poseidon's tool is his pitch fork or fork looking staff. He controls the seas the winds and everything about the water or has anything to do about it. He was also brother of Hades and Zeus which means he is one of the mighty gods. Hades is the god of the underworld and controls all of the underworld. The worst part about the underworld is Tartars. Poseidon was one of the children that had been eaten by Cronus the father of Zeus. After Poseidon had got freed from cronoses  stomach he was given god of the sea. He had tried to betray Zeus and had given the punishment with the other gods to build the wall of troy. 


My opinion is that Poseidon  deserves more attention of all of the gods. Even though Zeus is the king of all gods. Also Poseidon gets fun of because he is in Sponge Bob and he gets made fun of in sponge bob. I think Poseidon.



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