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Poseidon is one of the many Greek gods and goddesses. But this god is one of the most impotent ones out of some of them. His brother is Zeus the king of all gods and the and the god of destruction and lightning. Poseidon's tool is his pitch fork or fork looking staff. He controls the seas the winds and everything about the water or has anything to do about it. He was also brother of Hades and Zeus which means he is one of the mighty gods. Hades is the god of the underworld and controls all of the underworld. The worst part about the underworld is Tartars. Poseidon was one of the children that had been eaten by Cronus the father of Zeus. After Poseidon had got freed from cronoses  stomach he was given god of the sea. He had tried to betray Zeus and had given the punishment with the other gods to build the wall of troy. 


My opinion is that Poseidon  deserves more attention of all of the gods. Even though Zeus is the king of all gods. Also Poseidon gets fun of because he is in Sponge Bob and he gets made fun of in sponge bob. I think Poseidon.



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The who?

“Boat gets saved by a god?!”
Reported Aneeq Anver

There was a reporting about a cruise that got saved by someone with a long beard or Poseidon as the god is named. There were thousands of witness one of them were Mr. Bob he says “ He
had a long beard, he had a very big fork and raised his hand and said “Thank me Poseidon, the god of the sea.” Although this witness was not the smartest guy in theposeidion.jpg\
world we go to Sarah to actually see the captain who is actually a retired history teacher. “It was unbelievable he appeared out of nowhere, he was the sea god after all and is Zeus's Brother (The king of the gods)”. Sarah is not about to go see the ship it was like it never had set sailed to sea no damages or anything.  

  Now this is a whole different side of the story we go to a witness that was at the back of the whole ship. Mc Dougal says “ We saw a creepy man with a no clothes on he almost wrecked the ship and shook it until we all threw up. He took of and took my camera with it. I am now about to go into court with a big creepy no life”. Me Aneeq Anver I am about to go see the so called Sea God Posidon. “ I come in peace you may have known me for my son Percy Jackson but I am the sea god and hoever or whenever anyone will get in trouble I shall save them.”

 It took a lot of time to translate his English for me but on my side of the story I take him as a hero and nothing else he is the almighty sea god after all.  I got a little interveiw with him and he says he loves us humans and adores us also how funny they think I am but I am only here because of my Big Bossy Brother Zeus and he tells me to be guardian of Earth”. Well There you go people Aneeq is out.

Facts about Greek Mythology

Zeus is the King of Gods

All other gods are eaither sons or brothers/sisters.

Athena is the godess of wisdom

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Chris Christe vs Hillary Clintion


Chris Christie Background

Chris Christie was born on 1962 and was born as a Rebublican. He was born in Newark New Jersey. He was born with his Irish father (Bill Christie) and with his Sicilian mother (Sondra Christie). He was raised nearby Livingston, later he lived in Garden State for almost his whole life. He says he could wait untill he got out of college. He later worked for a electric company and was a lobbylist for a electric company. He later literley became the top fundraiser. Later in his life republicans like him started being worried that George Bush would not be elected for president because George Bush was a republican

Down a Dark Hall Summary

Introduction to Down a Dark Hall

Dawn a dark hall is a book made by Luis Duncan, it is called a Gothic book and it is about a girl named Kit and she is going to a boarding school while her parents are on a cruise/honeymoon then she has this weird feeling about Blackwood (the school she is in) she then finds out that the word she was looking for was Evil.It turns out she was a day early. At night she had weird dreams and/or nightmares. In her dream she is playing very good and professional music. After she was done with the dreams she had those dreams she found out that her fingers were hurting. That morning there were only 3 girls that came they were Linda, Sandy and Ruth (The smart one). Kit likes Sandy she then learns that she has the same dreams as Kit, the ones were they feel like they are doing something but they know that it is a dream. They then find out that Linda has the same dreams as Kit too she did not do good at drawing but know she drew Kit with just a pencil and it looked like a Artist had drew it. After that she did not know how she had drew it but she couldn't anymore, since she could draw in her dreams (she figured out) Madam Durret gave her old tools so it would look like she drew back in the 1800 or way back. Then finally Ruth gets the same things, Ruth does some research and finds out that all those three girls in Blackwood have ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Then Kit demands why they are here and she explains everthing and she says that you can not go anywhere until Christmas break. Then Kit and Jewls ( the young music teacher) have a talk and Jewls decides to do some sneaky research and he finds out that in Madam Durret's previous schools four died (Suicide) and 20 others went to a mental hospital.


I really like Down a Dark Hall made by Luis Duncan because it has Gothic taste to the book. This is because it has a type of castle and it has a scary type to it. An example of it is that when in the book Kit in her dream she feels like she does play music but Jewls says she does while she is asleep all along adn he records. She then see 's another reflection in the mirror in the dark.


In the comments below tell me what your favorite part about the summary is and tell me why.

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Wait Who Robert Frost


Robert Lee Frost is famous American poet. It all started in March 26 1874, in San Francisco. After he was born shortly after he moved to Pennsylvanian with his father William Prescott Frost Jr. and his mother Isabelle Moodie. They had moved shortly after they were married, shortly after they had moved his dad had died from Tuberculosis, he was eleven years old when his father had died. He had moved with his sister and mother. His sister was Jeanie who was only two years younger than Robert Frost when he had moved. At High school he had his interest in poetry in 1874. Things that had inspired him was his jobs as he grew up which were a Farmer, Cobbler and editor of  Lawrence Sentinel. His first poem was "My Butterfly", it appeared in November 8th 1894. Two interesting facts about him was that Frost had married and had two children and also his Grandfather agreed to buy him a farm if he had worked on it for 10 years.

This is Robert when he was old.

THERE’S a patch of old snow in a corner
  That I should have guessed
Was a blow-away paper the rain
  Had brought to rest.
It is speckled with grime as if        5
  Small print overspread it,
The news of a day I’ve forgotten—
  If I ever read it.


The message that he is trying to get across in this poem is that he tells that winter will not last long and before you know it will be spring. This poem made me chose this because it had showed a valuble meaning because it tells me that spring will come soon if you wait. In this poem since it was the old days I dont think that people had delivered Newspapers in the Winter because it was to cold. I would relate this poem to me because I don't like winter that much because I can not go outside and it is cold in the winter, also I am eager for Spring or Summer just like in the poem. I think that Robert was happy when he had wrote this poem because winter had just gone away and I would feel that way to.


The Rhyme scheme is A B C D E F G. 


A challenge is that tell me if that you like Robert Frost or if you don't and explain. Also tell me if you can make up your own poem that is like one of Robert Frost's poems. Also tell me what I could have added, have not added and could have put more time into. Below is a link that will take you to the place where I found all my Robert Frost facts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Me Changing Black Ops 2


Have you ever wished that you would like to change a game. Well I do to, I would like to change Black Ops 2. One reason why I would like to change this game is because the sniper has been nerfed. This means that the gun has been less powerful in this case the DSR 50 which is a sniper has been nerfed by adding  half a second to the zoom in time. This is a big problem because snipers in the game already have some difficulty playing the game, main reason is because it is one of the bolt action snipers which means that it only shoots one bullet then it reloads. Another reason why I want to add or change this game is because the game added damage to other guns, like the AN-94. This gun is overpowered against snipers because snipers have less tine to zoom in but snipers are very skilled. Snipers get so skilled that some of the like me spend no more time that atleast 3 seconds on the scope most likely one second. 


Lots of people have an inspiration \for something. For example Mahatma Gandhi had put an insparation on Martin Luther King Jr. because at  his time black's did not have rights and that let Martin Luther King Jr. to trying to stop this and give everyone rights. Well I have an insparation and it is my child hood, this is because in  my child hood I have played a lot of games but the  the second recent Call Of Duty has inspired me to make some changes on the game. Snipers have also inspired me because to be a sniper you must have skills. Also this blog is similar to this article that will be in the Extras category of this blog. This is the same because we both talk about how we would want to change a game. The only difference is that my blog is not about Dungeon Dragons.


If you liked this blog tell me what you liked about it and didn't like about it. See what game you wanted to change.


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Is TechnologyMessing With Your Brain


Do you ever feel that technology is messing with your brain? Well it is not technology it is just your brain. Gaming, computers iPads and more these all make you better at multi tasking which keeps you prepared for life. Also It gives your way better reflexes like whenever your play video games your play with your fingers and nothing else. This can make you not have an accident while driveing which can save your life and its not just video games its also the computer. Also video games or normal games allow you to think and make choices. In some video games they allow you to make choices. Examples of this are The Sims and Starcraft. Also a very popular game is Minecraft this game allows you to build things out of raw material and can also simulates real life. One impotent reason why technology is not messing with your brain is that technology makes life easier. For example you can search things insted of asking someone. This is why technology is actully making you prepared for life and making things easier.

Top 5 Games That Help You In Life


This helps make dissensions.


This helps you learn.



This game teaches you about farming.


This game simulates family living.


Overall I think that gaming and going computers help you a lot because they can improve you in life. One fun fact is that gaming actually can help your vision. Although gaming and going on computers can help you there are some bad stuff about it, it can hurt your eyes and cause you to not to do your homework which leads to lower grades. But if you control your gaming and how much you use your computer then you will be benefiting your self while having fun.


In the comments tell me what you liked about this blog, did not like and what I could have improved. Also tell me a game that you like it can be any of the top 5 or any of your choices. Thank your for reading my Blog and I hope you have a good day :D